What Are The Interesting Facts In The Technology World?

What Is Technology?

Technology is a term where you can find skills, techniques, and process, methods simultaneously. These are used to create something unique product or goods or service. It is used to obtain any objective. There are latest technologies in factories such as machines, computers, and electronic devices and more; the most recent technology also reduces the cost of the labor and time. Individual with proper knowledge operates the machines.

What Are The Latest Technologies In A Tablet?

There is an electromagnetic field which is used to simulate the handwriting in the tablet display. You may use the stylus to draw a picture on the paper it will be there on the screen. The key features of the stylusare given below.


  • You don’t have to recharge the stylus like its competitors.
  • You don’t have to use special papers because it can work on regular
  • There is no need for thespecial sensor in the bottom of the paper.
  • You don’t need any additional equipment to work with the stylus.

What Do The Latest Studies Say About Android And iOS?

There was a study which was organized by a team of Lincoln University. It was found that women like to use iOS over Android. Apart from that, it was kind of interesting that Android users were more open and honest than iOS users. When it comes to personalization the iOS user has put their hands down because they know that there is no argument in that portion.

Newly Launched S3 Smart Watch And Its Preview

When it comes to smart watch, then you will defiantly hear about recently launched S3 by Samsung. You can take and dial calls from it apart from that there is LTE support. You can receive notifications even from your smart watch. It is kind of interesting to see full features of your Smartphone on a watch. There are three different model of Gear S3, one featuring LTE, and another two models do not have LTE.

When it comes to pricing of the S3, Samsung has said that price will be unveiled at the time of release. There will be a new update in Apple watches this year; it will add new calling feature to it. It is also known as SOS feature, in anemergencycondition, Apple watch will dial 911 or any other number predefined by the user. There are many handy features in the gear S3 which are given below.

  • You can see these features even on the Gear S3. In the case of S3, you can send pre-recorded messages.
  • It can also make alive call to the ADT’s security dispatchers.
  • Apart from the calling feature all the smart watch features are there.
  • There is also a rounded display featuring 360×360 resolutions.

What Are The Surprises By MediaTek?

MediaTek has recently discovered Helio X30 which is based on 10nm process. The best part is that it is a tri-cluster CPU with the deca-core processor. The current top SOC manufacturers did not implement the 10nm process. There is a rumor that Apple will use this 10nm chips on 2017 models. The current flagships are based on 14nm or 16nm process so the discovery was kind of interesting for everyone.